CEUR-WS.org Core Values

CEUR-WS.org is an online publication service for editors of scientific proceedings, in particular workshop proceedings.
  1. Freeness and openness: The publication service is free of cost and openly accessible for the academic community. The freeness of costs refers to the main publication service, i.e. to publish a submission that is essentially free of errors.
  2. Clear copyright: The authors shall keep the copyright to their papers. The editors keep the copyright to the proceedings as a whole.
  3. From scientists for scientists: The service is managed by scientists for the scientific community. Those who contribute to the success of CEUR-WS.org shall also be the ones that benefit from the rewards.
  4. Quality: CEUR-WS.org is committed to the quality of its content. We therefore only publish peer-reviewed proceedings.
The principles of CEUR-WS.org define how we implement our core values:
  1. Confidentiality: The internal communication within the CEUR-WS.org is confidential, in particular when issues about a submission are discussed.
  2. Persistency: Once a volume is published, its original content is kept intact. The original published papers are never edited after the publication becomes official.
  3. Unique style: The proceedings volumes published at CEUR-WS.org have a common style that informs the reader about the origin of the publication.
  4. Simplicity: The service focuses on a single function: making proceedings available under a short and persistent URL.
  5. Neutrality: The CEUR-WS.org Team is unbiased to submissions and towards the scientists who submit volumes. The criteria for publication are the quality of the proceedings / series and the strong relation to computer science.
  6. Professional communication: We assume a professional and positive attitude in communication with proceedings editors.
  7. Transparency: Important changes to CEUR-WS.org are discussed within the whole team before a decision is actually made. Nobody from the team should be excluded. Opportunities for leveraging the success of CEUR-WS.org are shared in the team.
  8. Representation: The official communication with proceedings editors is on behalf of the whole team. If mistakes occur, we help each other to correct them.

2014-10-05 (2018-11-09/MJ)
Manfred Jeusfeld
Contact: CEUR-WS.org Team