CEUR-WS.org: Long-term archival by TIB Hannover

Long-term archival of CEUR-WS volumes is handled by Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) Hannover, the official archiver for technical publications in Germany. New volumes shall also be mirrored by TIB. You can check the mirror site via the search term "journal:(CEUR workshop proceedings)" on


You can also search via the acronym of the workshop, e.g. "KDH 2019". The long-term archive is not accessible online but the mirror is. Note that it may take several weeks before a new volume is mirrored! We do not support changes to the mirror! The mirror of your volume is published as a single PDF file containing all papers.

The list of mirrored CEUR-WS proceedings volumes is available here.

2019-11-19 (2019-11-22/MJ)
Manfred Jeusfeld
Contact: CEUR-WS.org Team